New Podcast Episode – Philip Kiely on Technical Writing, Digital Content Distribution and the Post-COVID Creator Landscape

Philip Kiely is a software developer and author of Writing for Software Developers. He has written for a number of highly visible clients including Smashing Magazine, CSS-Tricks and Twilio. For his recently released book, he interviewed amazing writers and founders like Matt Levine of Bloomberg; serial entrepreneur, Stripe engineer and critically-acclaimed writer Patrick McKenzie; and Stack Overflow and Discord founder Jeff Atwood.

Our conversation covers a wide range of topics on software, writing, the future of digital information distribution and more. Philip goes deep on the craft of technical writing and interviewing as well as marketing, distribution and connecting with audiences. We discuss the success of creator-focused content platform Gumroad and the economics of Gumroad versus Amazon. Philip analyzes the impact of COVID on digital content, universities and more.

I thought this was an awesome conversation and am excited to read some of Philip’s book recommendations:

You can find Philip at the links below: